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House Shoring is the fixing of a house that was already built. The house that has been manufactured or have been designed by architects is now demolished and fixed. House Shoring is like the construction of the house from a blueprint of an existing house and from there you can change the style of the house and its requirements. It is not recommended that you hire the contractors to do the repairs to the structure that already exists as the time it takes for the entire process is quite lengthy.

The House Shoring is not in any way related to the foundation repair New Orleans but it plays the same role. It helps you to adjust the problem that may be with the structural parts of the building. It also involves the repairing or even changing the structure to fit the needs of the consumer. There are several methods that may be used for house Shoring. These methods may vary from one another.

Method one is the floating foundation. In this method the foundation is actually suspended in the ground or any lower level. It then spans up higher towards the ceiling of the house. If it is done properly the entire space of the house will extend. It will also create a ramp on the top level to access the inside.

Method two is a retractable foundation. In this method the building is suspended from the ground with support beams. It may be attached to a deck or other lower level of the house.

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House Shoring
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Method three is the bow ties foundation. This is where the building is supported by a special frame. It will prevent the entire structure from shifting on its own when earthquakes occur.

Method four is called stair shack. This is where the structural part of the building is taken from the ground and the support is in place. This is similar to a dock where you would put boats and they would take the weight off.

Method five is called joint leveling. Here the house Shoring system is extended at the ceiling of the house so that the beams can be set at different levels. The beams are fixed and it looks like the beam is hanging from the ceiling. This in effect gives the house a more solid look.

A few more methods are also being added on the foundation repair New Orleans. You must look up these methods on the internet to get the one that suits your needs best.