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When it comes to selecting the right Philippines outsourcing company, it’s crucial that you know what you are looking for. “Big Outsourcer is committed to offering customized, innovative, and integrated offshoring and strategic consulting services, comprehensive business process development and solution development, and top-notch talent recruitment services for the growing global client base.” However, the company has recently faced a new controversy that seems to be making waves all over the World Wide Web. This controversy involves the outsourcing company itself.

One of the biggest concerns among the Philippines outsourcing community has been the outsourcing firm itself – Big Outserve. Since its inception in the Philippines in 2007, the company has expanded to other countries, but one issue that it has had with its operations was its lack of compliance with the Philippine law regarding the use of the country’s labor force.

Philippines outsourcing company

The Labor Laws of the Philippines require that Filipino workers have the right to work in an environment where they are paid their full wages for working without demanding anything in return. Big Outserve is one of the few outsourcing companies in the country that has not complied with these laws, which has led to a series of negative media reports and lawsuits filed against the company by Filipino workers.

The controversy surrounding Big Outserve began when several Filipino employees went on strike in front of Big Outserve’s office. When contacted by a local radio station, the company denied being aware of any of the activities and that they have always been cooperating with the government of the Philippines. However, in response to one of the Filipino workers’ allegations, a Big Outserve executive told a local newspaper, “You have to understand that we are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of race or gender in our projects.”

Despite the negative PR, the government continues to work with Big Outserve despite the controversy. According to the Philippine Department of Trade and Employment, it is committed to protecting the interests of Filipinos as much as possible. “As part of this commitment, it has encouraged Big Outsourcer to maintain an equal employment policy that provides Filipino workers with opportunities to work and receive wages and benefits similar to those offered to other employees who work at their site.” It also announced that it would continue its dialogue with Big Outserve on how to improve the company’s policies on labor standards in the Philippines.

The ongoing situation with Big Outsererve should serve as a wake up call to any companies that are considering using Filipino workers, or considering outsourcing in general. in their own businesses.