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Norman Ebesntein is a devout Catholic and a devoted husband. His wife of twenty years was murdered in New Orleans while she was attending a party with her new boyfriend. Before the murder, Norman had been advised by a priest to be more careful, and even to meet his mistress on a secret location.

When the time came to meet his mistress, Norman’s wife (Nancy) had found out about their plans. Nancy claimed that her husband was having an affair with his new lover, and when he refused to leave his wife, she grabbed a pistol and shot him dead.

devoted husband Norman Norm Ebesntein
Devoted Husband Norman “Norm” Ebenstein

This incident changed Norman’s life forever; a faithful, loyal devoted husband is supposed to take care of his wife. He was disowned by the church and received death threats. He was even forced to leave his community. Fortunately, Norman was able to pay his way through school and had some extra money to fund his legal defense.

The courts seemed to sympathize with Norman and gave him special treatment. They allowed him to see his family members for the first time since his wife was murdered.

However, once he became involved with another woman, Nancy, Norman became a pariah. He was the object of gossip in his small town, and the people that truly cared for him lost all faith in his character.

Norman did not have enough money to finance his legal defense and was forced to take the case pro Bono. Luckily, there was one resource that was available to him: the Internet.

As part of a massive marketing effort, the company PayDotCom allows Norman to advertise his case and has a good chance of getting the attention of Nancy’s mother. Norman had to wait for nearly a year before he was given any evidence against his wife’smurderer. In the meantime, he had to remain steadfastly dedicated to his quest to find out what really happened to his wife.

One of the reasons for Norman’s success at PayDotCom is the nature of the case. He does not want to prove that his wife was murdered, but rather that she had been murdered. His wife’s murder was not accidental, but the result of some crime.

The focus of the case is a community known as the Women’s Residential Treatment Center, or WTRTC. Norman is trying to find out what really happened there, and whether or not anyone will be held accountable for the crime.

This situation’s setup makes it easier for Norman because of the fact that many of the patients were abused. There are plenty of grounds for conspiracy, and the fact that the criminal acted alone is a clear indication that there was more to the story than he first thought.

Legal strategy is important in Norman’s success, and the first few months involved a lot of trial and error. For instance, Norman had to prove that Nancy’s mother knew that her daughter was having an affair and did nothing to prevent it.

Even though Norman’s case is framed around a personal tragedy, his devotion to his search for the truth is motivated by his desire to see justice done. Norman’s devotion to justice is truly the hallmark of a devoted husband.