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Kona coffee is one of the best coffee varieties on the planet. Known for its earthy flavor and consistency, Kona is a very special type of coffee that’s grown in Hawaii.

Kona coffee

It was invented by using freshly picked fruit and processed them to extract the oils and come up with fresh coffee beans. The beans are harvested during the months of March through May when the season is hottest. The coffee bean is left to mature for six months.

Kona coffee is light in flavor and it does not have any bitter aftertaste. Its deep roasting creates a smooth yet distinctive flavor that is characteristic of this type of coffee.

It’s now made by hand by the people in Hawaii. There are three types of Kona coffee, the finest one is called the Tuhainol and it is grown by the growers in Hilo, Hawaii. This is the best coffee variety that is widely cultivated.

Other than that, Kahaluoch, also known as the “Topaz,” is grown by the island’s production. They’ve named this variety “Tahitian Tiki” as the only available Island in the US produce the rarest, finest Kona coffee on the market.

The cultivation and process are done with care and you will be sure that the coffee you drink today is indeed the highest quality variety. An island farm gets the perfect soil and proper amount of sunlight.

Cafe ‘Tokyo’ is the world’s only Kona coffee plantation that is a very famous in the world. It stands out from the other coffee farms in the world because it’s located on a narrow mountain road which is used by caravans and by travelers who visits the island.

Its doors are always open and anyone can visit anytime they want. A good dose of coffee beans is served everyday and this is the best time to visit the cafe and try your coffee.