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Working at Splyce with the most famous coaching team in the world taught me many things. Like most people I was disappointed at first. I started to question my own ability, and the dedication of my fellow players. But what’s the best LoL coaching advice?

How many players do you have, and what are their roles? In the short time at Splyce I’ve had a few really successful players come into the league, especially after working with our legendary coach, Matt “Academyer” LeCoultre. I played on the team during our second week of league play and learned so much from our coach. But it wasn’t easy. We had so many flaws, so many different opinions on how to play the game, and so many potential pitfalls.

LoL coaching

But I realized the one thing that he made us focus on, like no other coach I’ve ever seen! Our main goal was to figure out the flaws in our gameplay, so we can fix them while still improving our overall game. Our LoL coaching services revolves around this principle, which is what got us to where we are now. The LoL coaching services we offer are actually very similar to some of the strategies and tactics LoL players use in other games.

However, we also focus on learning how to coach from the LoL coaching services we offer. Many coaches in other games have a basic understanding of how to play the game, but as you may not know there are many differences between the two. While playing on your own is an awesome feeling, it’s only natural to feel that way when you’re just starting to learn the ins and outs of the game. It’s important to get some outside help when you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed and are losing the grasp of your own skills.

One thing that I learned was that it doesn’t matter how good a player you might be. All of the best players in the world don’t play the same champions in the same metagames. In fact, even the top players in the scene have a different champion preference depending on the region they live in. In NA for example, people always choose champions that are popular in that region. And this works pretty good for them, since most people are used to these champions being strong mechanically. However, the problem comes when the regional meta-game gets thrown off-kilter and you suddenly have to play against the best players in the world.

In our coaching services, we try to address these issues and teach our players new and creative ways to play with their characters and strategies. LoL coaching also emphasizes the importance of proper mechanics. When I say “proper mechanics,” it doesn’t mean the fancy stuff like no rolling silence or instant mana reaps. Our goal is to teach players to play without worrying about these things.

If you think that coaching should replace your skills, I’m afraid to tell you that I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, I think it’s more like giving you extra knowledge. When I started playing LoL, I didn’t really have much of a strategy for winning. I knew the basics of the game, what to do and where to go, so I just went into the battle with my mouse and keyboard.

In short, I think there is a place for coaching in LoL. You will still need to do your own grinding and farming to progress, but since you’ll be given useful tips, you won’t have to spend as much time grinding. I also believe that LoL coaching will become more popular if ESL (English Premier League) and IPL (IPL Gaming League) start allowing more LoL players to be able to show off their prowess through streaming. The more people who stream during major events like the ESL Season 1 finals, the more fans there will be, and the more viewers the ESL can attract.