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Every year, the Parks and Recreation Season passes, memberships, and other items for this show are sold out in no time. It is a well-known fact that people love their Parks and Rec characters and it seems as if they can’t get enough of them. A local company is giving away their own line of merchandise.

This company is called “Local Pop-Up Store,” which is owned by Brian Payne, who created the Parks and Rec characters for the show. He is selling the Parks and Rec merch in a pop up store in the Historic Town Square.

The pop up store features some of the most popular Parks and Rec beach in the world. Included in the Parks and Recreation merchandise that is available are T-shirts, hats, buttons, mugs, baseballs, phone cases, magnets, patches, wall clocks, etc. Not to mention, some very good baseball caps.

You can get a number of items from the pop up store including Priss N’ Stuff – Priss N’ Tape, Buckle, Chili Con Carne, Lemon Bread Pudding, Pop Rocks, Ritz Packs, and On the Go Couches. Other great products you can find at the store include Blue Book Golf Tote Bag, Fat Head Bulky Hats, Flyin’ Hawaiian T-Shirts, Hot Wheels Fish Bags, Handmade Soft Drinks, Baseball Card Storage Boxes, Hot Wheels Minifigures, Memo Roo Plush Doll, Top Pocket Hats, Six Pack Coolers, Dr. F Funko Figures, Encyclomaniacs Hot Sauce and Salsa and More. They also have a Day with Jess DVD and free promo code.

There is a very short period of time after the opening of the store when all products will be sold out, but the stores will be selling items when they are available again. If you don’t find something you like, don’t worry. Just give them a call, and they will send you a replacement in no time.

Each and every item in the pop up store have a store coupon that will allow you to get even more discounted products. The stores store coupon will usually work for the following days, to the following week, and then next month.

parks and recreation merchandise

Don’t worry about running out of items because you haven’t missed anything on your lists, because it is all included. Also, the Parks and Rec shop will be opening a second location of their pop up store in Chicago on September 3rd at 6400 N Clark St.

Check it out at it’s website: or visit their Facebook page: We are sure that you will be able to find something you like.