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Port Moody Realtor has been serving the real estate market in the Pacific Northwest since 1980. The Port Maitland Realty Corporation has its roots in Port Maitland, a small town on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. This Realtor was started by a couple with a passion for real estate, but a limited amount of knowledge about the real estate industry.

“Peter and Judy have worked hard to make Port Maitland one of the premier real estate markets in the Pacific Northwest,” said Port Maitland Realtor Michael Cogswell. “Peter and Judy love all things Tri Cities. They’re also the highest ranked Port Maitland Realtors, the number one Port Maitland Realtor, and Coquetlans top realtor in the state of Washington. Most of our clients who have contacted the Port Maitland Realtor, Coquetlans top realtor, have never looked back. Peter and Judy are passionate about this area’s communities in Port Maitland, Coquetlans top Realtor, and in fact, the entire Pacific Northwest as a whole. Come join them on their @CoquitlanRealm Journey and find out why they call Port Maitland home!”

Port Maitland Realtor Michael Cogswell is very happy with the real estate agents, he’s working with at this time. He also stated that most of the clients he works with have come to him with questions and concerns before buying their new home, which he will be able to provide them with answers to.

Port Maitland Realtor has four different offices located in Port Angeles, Florida, including the main office that they maintain. They also have two regional offices that they have purchased for their Realtor’s services in the Pacific Northwest. One is located in the Bay Area of Washington, the other is located in Seattle. Port Maitland Realtor also has one office that they own in Kelso Washington, that they lease out to another Realtor, who is from Seattle. The offices also share a conference room.

Port Maitland Realtor has a website, which has all the information they provide their customers, including photos of the homes they are selling and photos of the homes they are currently advertising. They even offer real estate listings that include pictures. Port Maitland Realtor has a customer service phone number.

If you’re looking for real estate in the Pacific Northwest, you can call Port Maitland Realtor to schedule a free consultation, or you can go online to see if you like what you see. You’ll find lots of information on this website and on their other websites such as the Port Maitland MLS site.