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If you are thinking about relocating to Everett Washington then I just have to write a review for you. This review is for anyone thinking about using the services of a local mover and packer from Everett moving company. After doing a lot of research and yelping finding this wonderful company I’m glad that we decided to use them. They certainly came out to be the best choice for our family and it turned out to be everything we could have hoped for.

First of all they provide excellent customer service all the time. There are so many people in the world who are moving and need to move their belongings but you will never be worried about being conned or ripped off because the people at Everett moving company are extremely helpful. When we called to schedule a pick up, the representative immediately called to make sure we had picked up our belongings on time. They were super quick and had taken care of everything extremely well. They even gave you a highly trained moving consultant that was the main point person and the estimator for the entire process.

Everett moving company

They also provided some free moving services. We were allowed to move our stuff by the truck without having to pay anything. The guys also took care of our loading and unloading and set up our home into our new residence. We liked being able to move our furniture around in the home before we moved into our new place. You definitely notice how much easier it was to pack everything before we left.

The other reason why we decided to use the services of an Everett moving company is because they gave us a lot of options on how to move. We were able to move all our household goods and give them to our local movers. The local movers were very happy with the move because it saved them a lot of time and it gave them a nice profit because of all the heavy items that we packed and unloaded. They were also impressed that we were moving all of our possessions in a timely manner.

We were very impressed with the professionalism of the people from the beginning of our move. We were given a call every few hours to check on us and they never once let us down. We have since used many local moving services including the e Everett moving company. There are many things that you can do to make your moving experience go smoothly. If you live in the Washington DC metropolitan area and are looking for an expert local moving company then stop by our website and get an instant quote.

After receiving several quotes from local moving companies we decided to hire e Everett movers. We were very impressed by all the things that they had to offer. Not only did they offer a very competitive price, but they also made sure that our belongings would be safe and sound during the entire move. The men from e Everett were very organized and well coordinated, which allowed us to put our worries to rest. They made sure that everything went smoothly and we were able to have the entire move done in less than two weeks.