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Beau Crabill is known for his many webinars and presentation options. You can listen to the audio, read his white papers and download audio books online. Not only that, he also gives autoresponders so you can get an email notification whenever he has something new to say on the topic of his webinar.

With so many options, it is easy to become confused and you may not know that Beau Crabill webinar to listen to. So, how do you know if this is a good product? To help you find out, here are some things you should know.

What does a Beau Crabill review tell you? While most of these webinars are reviewed, not all of them are. In fact, some webinars that have Beau Crabill webinar reviews are not actually from Beau Crabill himself. Instead, they are from companies that want to promote the quality of the webinar as well as being credited for the sale of his products.

You see, an audio book is not necessarily the same as a webinar. In fact, many of these audio books are so-called practice tests. In most cases, there are no tricks or techniques that can be learned. If there is a technique that you learn in an audio book, you can bet that it will not be taught in a webinar.

Does the webinar have an author’s note? If there is one, then you will know that it is a webinar. You don’t want to have a product that doesn’t have an author’s note. You will not learn anything new from these either, and you could end up missing out on something by listening to a webinar.

How many times can you listen to the webinar? Some Beau Crabill webinars last for only a few minutes. Other Beau Crabill reviews include a 30-minute interval and even longer ones. In fact, many of the webinars that are done in one-hour time slot include an extended audio book.

Does the webinar always have a sponsor link? In many cases, there are videos and other links throughout the webinar. If you are the only person listening to the audio, you should be able to hear those links without having to click on them.

Beau Crabill webinar

How long does the audio in the webinar run? Some Beau Crabill webinars have a thirty-second interval where you can listen to the webinar all the way through. Other Beau Crabill reviews include a fifteen-minute interval. This is important since you will need to listen to the entire thing in order to follow the message and learn anything.