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Vacationing in the Rockies offers a majestic and awe-inspiring experience. Traveling on America’s famous railroad trains is an experience of a lifetime. The Colorado Rockies offers guests many sightseeing tours, including the famous “North Rim Overlook”, but there are still other sights to see. There are mountain biking excursions, rafting trips, historic wagon rides, hiking excursions, and mountain climbing adventures to choose from. When traveling on these scenic tours you will have a chance to travel far and wide, visit historical sites, and experience the natural beauty that makes Colorado one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world.

One of the best ways to experience the wonders of the Rocky Mountains is to take a vacationing family and take long journeys on one of the many Class IV railroad trains. Traveling by train is a unique experience that will not soon be forgotten. Sitting comfortably in the seats and watching the scenery go by is one of the best ways to enjoy a holiday. Most train tours last about two and a half days. But there are still plenty of things to do while you are on the trip.

Visiting various historic sites such as Fort Collins, Canon City, and Pueblo, will make all your vacationing trips worthwhile. While you are in these cities, you can enjoy hiking on the Colorado Trail, mountain biking, or taking a wagon ride through some of the surrounding areas. For a more leisurely hiking trip, spend some time at one of the many mountain streams. A one-day excursion through the Rocky Mountains can give you all the enjoyment you need to fill up your days with great memories.

Vacationing in the Rockies

You may find it difficult to decide whether to vacation in the Rockies for one day or for a week. There is nothing that says “vacation” like taking a cross country trip with your friends or even your family. When you are a little older and have children of your own, the possibilities become much more exciting. With the right planning, traveling with your entire family becomes possible in any month of the year.

Even if you prefer to do your vacation in the summer months, there are still many things to do in the area. There is no shortage of things to do in the mountains, including world class ski resorts. Summer vacationing in the Rockies can be very affordable. Many of the hotels offer special deals during the summer months. Check out local web sites to learn about discounts on hotel prices and where to find the best deals.

The one thing that you will miss most while vacationing in the Rockies is the huge number of people doing the same thing. As long as there is snow, there are outdoor sports and activities. Ski lifts and snow shovels are aplenty in Rocky Mountain National Park. However, unless you have a vehicle, it will take you several days to see all the parks. So, spending a day or two just enjoying the landscape, watching the wildlife, and stopping by one of the guest houses is a great way to pass the time. After a day or two, spend a day or two at one of the nearby towns to experience the local night life and shop for souvenirs.

If you decide to take the whole family along, there are several activities that are fun for everyone. You can drive to Fort Collins and spend the day seeing the beautiful town, and then drive to Carbondale to enjoy one of the many Colorado mountain bike trails. Then you can stay at one of the many resorts and spend the evening dining, dancing, playing games, and watching a movie. Plan to spend a day or two at a lodge or vacation home that offers a variety of family fun activities. This will guarantee that everyone has something to do during their stay.

There are several tour packages available to help you get to know the area. Many of these tours offer the convenience of guided tours, transportation, meals, and hotel stays at top-rated locations. A great tour package will provide transportation between Denver and northern Colorado, show you the western side of the Grand Canyon, take you to Fort Collins and other popular areas, and more. There are also vacation packages that take travelers to the southern side of the state and into the beautiful mountains of northern Colorado. With a little planning, you can vacation in the Rockies without spending a lot of extra money.