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When to get a home inspection can be a tricky issue that many people are not clear on. The general consensus is that it should be done as soon as you move into a house or apartment, if you live in an older home, it should be done before you take the house over. This might make sense for some people, but if you have not paid any of your down payment or closing costs then you do not really need to get the home inspected.

The reason to have a home inspection is because of what you will find inside. Many of the problems that you will find inside a home, if not found at a later date, will only lead to problems down the line. You may be able to fix the problem, but how are you going to fix it in the future? It is always best to be prepared so that you can deal with the problems you discover.

when to get a home inspection
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If you have a home that is only a few years old and you are paying for the mortgage, you should get the inspector to come in before the loan is given out. If you were not aware that there was something wrong, it is important to check the place out now and see if you can fix it before you sign the papers. There is nothing worse than moving into a new place and finding out that you do not have a roof, and that you will not be able to fix it yourself. If the house has a basement or a crawl space, you may also want to find out if there is anything there that will need to be fixed. Even if the basement was never finished, you never know what could happen.

If you are going to rent a new place, you should get the inspector to come in to look over the place before signing on the dotted line. If there are any major problems, you may want to avoid renting from the person or company that you are going to. They may even be able to tell you where they were at the time the problem was discovered.

Some people do not like to see the inspector, but you should take their advice when you are going through a real estate agent. If you find out early on that the home needs to be fixed, you may be able to negotiate a cheaper price with the company that you end up dealing with. Some people will offer to help pay for the inspection themselves. If this happens, take it as a favor. Do not pay for the work until you have had to so that you are happy with the results.

Having a home inspection should not be avoided at all cost. You will be glad you did when you have everything in order and everything looks great inside and out.